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Indonesia to provide the first report on Deadly Lion Air Crash Tomorrow

Indonesia to provide the first report on Deadly Lion Air Crash Tomorrow
Indonesia to provide the first report on Deadly Lion Air Crash Tomorrow

Exotic researchers will send their initial report to the Lion Air crash on Wednesday per month following the brand new Boeing 737 crashed into the sea, murdering all 189 on-board from the nation’s second-worst air crisis.

The analysis, which comes as the hunt proceeds in the Java Sea for its jet’s cockpit voice recorder, isn’t anticipated to draw firm conclusions in the continuing investigation into the Oct. 29 crash.

But, researchers have said they’re focusing their attention on the Boeing 737‘s anti-stall system.

The doomed jet systems had discovered that it had been at a stall because of a faulty sign and gave the captain a warning via a”stick shaker” that vibrated the controllers, Nurcahyo Utomo, a researcher in Indonesia’s transportation security committee (KNKT), told parliament last week.

The Maneuvering Attributes Augmentation System (MCAS) – an automatic modification fresh to the design that crashed – triggered and directed the jet down to avoid a stall,” Mr. Utomo said.

The pilots counteracted that for a while prior to the airplane entered a last dive, he further added. The exact same anti-stall system had triggered on the jet in a flight the past day, but the pilots because situation was able to shut the system off, Mr. Utomo said.

The wreck was the first between the most recent version of Boeing’s bestselling 737 series, the 737 MAX, that entered service a year ago. MCAS wasn’t explained from the Lion Air flight guide prior to the crash, KNKT has stated, nor in all those utilized by American airlines based on U.S. pilot marriages. On the other hand, the cockpit process for managing a runaway stabiliser stays unchanged from earlier 737 models.

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Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg said earlier this month which Boeing supplies”all the info that is required to safely fly our planes” however, the jet’s guide and coaching approaches have come under scrutiny following the crash.

In response to initial findings in the jet’s flight data recorder, Boeing issued a bulletin to airlines reiterating processes and advising them to include info on MCAS to flight guides, that was followed with a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration directive which required.

A Boeing spokeswoman now declined to comment on the analysis, however, said Boeing had spoke MCAS functions with over 60 airline operators internationally since 2016.

Lion Air’s maintenance practices and pilot instruction face scrutiny after researchers said the jet had issues using airspeed indications on its closing four flights. Lion Air, one of Asia’s biggest budget carriers, states it tackled security issues highlighted by previous episodes. Most atmosphere accidents are brought on by a cocktail of variables and analyses normally take around a year to finish. Researchers are expected to limit their report on factual information in the jet’s flight data recorder, which comprises 69 hours of data from its past 19 flights. However they could consist of instant recommendations should they’ve pressing security issues.

The hunt for the cockpit voice recorder is now proving hard after researchers said last week its”ping” sign was no longer being discovered.

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“We are still making attempts to discover the CVR and it’s essential. The CVR is closely associated with the trustworthiness of the nation so that we could prevent the exact same episode,” KNKT mind Soearjanto Tjahjono informed parliament.


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