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Indonesia President desires woman to be jailed in harassment case to gain justice

Indonesia President desires woman to be jailed in harassment case to gain justice
Indonesia President desires woman to be jailed in harassment case to gain justice

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said on Monday a teacher sentenced to prison for dispersing an”immoral” sound cassette documenting alleged sexual harassment from the school leader must look for a judicial examination.

In a case that has shocked many Indonesians, the Supreme Court declared last week that Baiq Nuril Maknun, 37, will be imprisoned for six months for documenting and dispersing”information violating decency”. She was also fined 500 million rupiah ($34,300).

Widowo stated he couldn’t intervene in the situation, however, said Maknun should ask a judicial review.

“If afterwards she doesn’t find justice via a judicial inspection she is able to ask clemency into the president, that is the process,” he explained in a statement.

“If the clemency petition was submitted, then it’ll be on my possessions ”

Indonesia’s #MeToo motion has gained a grip on social websites with girls sharing their experiences of sexual harassment but at a mostly conservative society has to activate the kind of effect it’s had from the West.

Based on media reports, Maknun was plagued from the mind of a college where she was employed as a contract instructor to the island of Lombok, such as during sexually explicit and explicit remarks on her mobile phone.

She left a listing of one of those calls and it was afterwards obtained by means of a co-worker at 2014 and then disperse on social networking. In 2015, the college leader reported Maknun to authorities.

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A court record said that Maknun had captured the telephone call without the wisdom of the headmaster and gave the tape to some third individual and spread it with a digital apparatus causing the key to reduce his job.

Prosecutors had accepted the case to the Supreme Court after it had been rejected by the court in Lombok.

“This ridiculous judgment from the Supreme Court seems to prison someone only for documenting the abuse they had been exposed to from their company,” Usman Hamid,” Amnesty International Indonesia’s executive director, said in a statement.

Over 111,000 signatures are filed on an internet petition demanding clemency for Maknun.

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Joko Jumadi, Maknun’s attorney, said his client meant to submit a judicial review after the Supreme Court had given a complete verdict describing its choice.


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