Bill Nye gives 5 reasons why we can’t live on Mars

Bill Nye gives 5 reasons why we can't live on Mars
Bill Nye gives 5 reasons why we can't live on Mars

In an event promoting the new National Geographic Channel‘s show “Mars,” scientist and science teacher Bill Nye talked about the Red Earth. While he is about the thought that astronauts traveling to Mars and explore Mars and maybe mine Mars, he is pretty much contrary to the concept that people may live on Mars. “This whole idea of terraforming Mars,” said Nye, “As respectful as I could be, would be you guys high?”

1. We are already killing our very own world

Bill Nye made comments that week in a meeting that week with USA Today. “We can not even look after this world where we live,” said Nye, “and we are perfectly suited to this, let alone the next world.” He is not wrong. Take a glance at this current heating study to learn what type of shape we are in with respect to climate change.

2. Not a Lot of People Reside in Antarctica

“Nobody goes to Antarctica to raise a family,” said Nye. “You do not move there and build a playground, there is just nothing.” Scientists see Antarctica for comparatively brief intervals, but no individual lives there indefinitely. That is mainly because it is extremely cold. Based on the CIA from the USA, in Antarctica the following is accurate:”[There are] no indigenous inhabitants, but there are both permanent and summer-only staffed research stations.”

And they get zero cable TV or net coverage up there — what type of life is that?

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3. Mars is cold

“Nobody is gont go settle on Mars and raise a family and have productions of Martians,” said Nye. “It is not reasonable since it’s so cold” You would need to wear protective equipment whenever you were not within a protective arrangement. While portions of Mars may get around 70 degrees F (20 degrees C), the majority of the time the entire world’s nearer to well below zero.

4. There is hardly any water and no food

“There is hardly any water,” said Nye,”[and] there is simply no food” That is unless you’re Matt Damon in The Martian and you also use just a small bit of magic to increase the bare minimum quantity of potatoes to endure several weeks, needless to say.

In our latest trip to NASA, Vickie Kloeris Manager, Space Food Systems Laboratory was requested if Damon’s potato-growing experience was realistic. At that moment, Kloeris stated,”I surely feel that given the ideal infrastructure, you would be able to get it done ” So… possibly?

5. Oxygen is lacking

“And the significant thing, I remind these men,” said Nye,”There is nothing to breathe” For the moment there is probably insufficient oxygen on Mars for human beings . Barring any kind of futuristic not-yet-invented method to terraform Mars having an artificial air and one enormous quantity of oxygen, we are not realistically led for Mars long term.

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But exploration is crucial!

“We’d send people there to make discoveries. To research, that is a big idea,” said Nye. “I wish to find proof of life on another planet in my life, so Mars at the upcoming logical place to search.” Let us get it done! Take a peek in the deadline below for further Mars Truth!


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