Logan Paul: the ‘youtuber’ that showed a suicide victim on the Internet

The popular ‘youtuber’ goes viral, but not for good reason: in his last video he visits a Japanese forest famous for the suicides that are committed there and decides to show a body without life.

Logan Paul, a youtuber born in Ohio, United States, and known for making strange vlogs that get many visualizations, is on everyone’s lips and not for good reason. His latest video, part of a series in Japan, has earned him the repudiation of many people and has sadly turned him into a global trend on Twitter.

On Monday the youtuber uploaded his latest video, which featured the Aokigahara forest, known as “the Sea of ​​Trees” and also as the forest of Japan’s suicides. Although everything could be a simple anecdote, Paul found a body without life and did not hesitate to present it in the final edition of the video.

Although the video has been removed from YouTube, the 22-year-old star who has more than 15 million subscribers has received the repudiation of hundreds of people on social networks, which not only made him delete the video, but also apologize through Twitter.

“I did not do it for the visits,” says Paul. “I did it because I thought it could generate a positive wave on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity, I tried to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention.”

Of course the critics did not come only from his followers or other users, so Hollywood stars like the actress of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner, literally told him: “you are an idiot”.

Some of his followers also felt that the video took him to a difficult point in his career.

PewDiePie, another very controversial US youtuber , also commented on Paul’s video.

PewDiePie had its own problematic moment last year, when it decided to publish an anti-Semitic video that ended up causing him to break his contract with him.

At the moment it is unknown if YouTube will sanction in any way the 22-year-old, who thanks to his fame has participated as an actor in several Hollywood series, has launched his own clothing line and claims to have bought his first home at his young age, for a value of US $ 6.8 million. In your 2017 count , you can see him happy by listing some of his best moments. 2018 begins, however, in the worst way.

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