World’s Largest Woman Drops 100 Kilograms (PHOTO)

TORONTO – An Egyptian woman, who is believed to be the world’s biggest woman, lost 100 kilograms thanks to a liquid diet and successful surgery, her Indian doctors said on Thursday.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, 37, initially weighed some 500 kilograms because of her elephantiasis, a pathology that causes swelling of the limbs and other parts of the body.

“Eman was operated successfully by sleeve laparoscopic gastrectomy on March 7, 2017 at the Saifee Hospital in Bombay, according to a statement. This operation involves removing a large part of the stomach.

The patient “is now fed with oral fluids and accepts them well. The rest of the treatment for the medical team will consist in correcting all the associated medical problems and putting her back in sufficient condition so that she can go back to Egypt as soon as possible, “the text continues.

Last month, her surgeon had indicated that it would take several months of physical therapy for Mrs. Abd El Aty to muscle. The latter now manages to sit down.

The story of this woman who had not been able to leave her home for 25 years had traveled around the world and moved an Indian surgeon who had proposed in the autumn to operate.

The patient had arrived in Bombay last month to undergo bariatric surgery to reduce the size of her stomach.

A spokeswoman said the weight of the Alexandrian woman had gradually fallen below 400 kilograms since entering the hospital in Bombay in early February.

“Eman has lost more than 100 kilograms and her weight is gradually decreasing every day through medical treatment and follow-up,” she told AFP.

Ms. Abd El Aty had difficulty traveling to India. Because of its fragile health, airlines were reluctant to take it on board.

She had finally been transported on a specially equipped medical flight.

Despite her weight loss, the Egyptian would still be the biggest woman in the world. With 400 kilos, she is far ahead of the current holder of the title, the American Pauline Potter, weighed to 293 kilos last July according to the Guinness Book of Records.

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  • As Americans, we ARE awfully fat by comparison to many other countries (per capita). Did you not read the entire article? She had medical conditions and other factors that exacerbated her situation. No one else in her family is fat. My Indian friends/coworkers are rarely obese. However, there’s no denying (if you’re smart) that we Americans eat way too much sugar and saturated fats (like fast food and processed foods at home). There is a reason diabetes type II is rampant, in addition to heart disease. Ignorance is not bliss, Carmine.