Another Case Of Mumps Found In Ontario

Public health warns parents after revealing that a student at a Toronto English public school board high school had been infected with mumps.

This is in addition to about 20 other cases in the past few weeks associated with western downtown bars in young adults between 18 and 35 years of age.

The risk of infection is “low” through vaccination, adds public health, which nevertheless recommends parents to ensure that their child has been immunized:

Two doses of vaccine are needed for people born in 1970 or in subsequent years.
The child receives the first dose at one year, the second dose is given at the age of 4-6 years.

Mumps are characterized by inflammation of the parotid glands, pain in the ear and fever.

The virus causing this infectious disease is transmitted from person to person by coughing, as well as by contact with droplets of saliva (eg sharing beverages, food or utensils or kissing).

Any infected child is excluded from school for five days.

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About the Author: Amy England

Amy Is a researcher and law student at York University (TORONTO). She has worked as the Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program. She worked for American law firms in Moscow, Russia for three years. Hegraduated from Columbia Law School, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and Harvard College. She research interest is in human rights and health law, with a particular focus on the law and policy of vaccination.

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