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A powerful storm begins to rage in the Atlantic

A major winter storm passes over the Atlantic provinces on Thursday. Establishments are closed and many flights are canceled at airports in the region.

In New Brunswick, snow began to fall in the southern regions in the morning and will reach northern areas in the afternoon, reports Environment Canada. The roads become very slippery, says the police service of Saint-Jean.

A total of 25 to 45 cm of snow is forecast for the province. Fundy’s eastern and surrounding areas will receive rain during the night. The water level will be higher than usual along the Acadian coast at high tide, Thursday late in the day and Friday at dawn.

The winds should reach 70 to 90 km / h late Thursday and blowing snow. If motorists are stranded on the road by snow, they must be careful to clear their vehicle’s muffler to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, recommends the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization. The authorities also recommend that people do not go out.

The flights are largely canceled at the Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John airports. The Université de Moncton campus in Shippagan closes at noon, and the Moncton campus at 1 pm

Thirteen private-sector repair crews are ready to support NB Power Corporation if needed if power outages occur during the storm.

Government offices in the Fredericton area are closed.

snow and blowing snow on Prince Edward Island

All public schools in Prince Edward Island are closed on Thursday, as are Holland College and Collège de l’Île. Government offices close at 2 pm All flights at Charlottetown Airport beginning at 11:45 am are canceled.

Residents of the province should expect to receive up to 25 cm of snow starting Thursday afternoon. Visibility will be significantly reduced by blowing snow during the afternoon. Rain will follow the snow in the evening.

Winds should vary from 90 km / h to 110 km / h. Water levels are expected to be higher than usual along coastal areas from Thursday evening to Friday morning.

Power outages in Nova Scotia

Power outages already affected nearly 19,500 subscribers in Nova Scotia at 3:00 pm, mainly in the Halifax area.

Nova Scotia Power repair crews were already on the alert. The province asked for help from Quebec, which sent 50 teams, that is about 120 employees. The latter could remain present until January 9, in case of need.

All schools in the province are closed Thursday. Many scheduled flights at Halifax Airport are canceled. All Marine Atlantic crossings between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are canceled on Thursday.

Nova Scotia should receive 15 to 20 cm of snow, says Environment Canada. The coastal regions should also receive sometimes heavy rain, from 30 to 50 mm. Accumulations of water may occur on lowlands.

Very strong winds at 100 km / h will sweep Nova Scotia on Thursday. Gusts could reach 130 km / h on coastal areas and 170 km / h in the Cheticamp region of Cape Breton.

A storm surge may cause flooding in the Yarmouth area around noon and along the Atlantic coast at tide on Thursday night.

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