woman married a few hours before succumbing to cancer

In Connecticut, a woman who had been fighting breast cancer for a year, died shortly after getting married.

Part of her last words were here wedding vows. Heather Mosher, a young woman with breast cancer, was married on Dec. 22, 18 hours before she died, as reported in an ABC News.

The wedding was planned for a long time. The diagnosis fell on the day her proposal. “I had planned to ask her on December 23, 2016,” said Dave Mosher, her husband. “That morning, we had a doctor’s appointment after finding a lump on her chest,” he says.

“She held out for the wedding”

For a year, the lovers prepared the event while facing operations and two chemotherapies. Shortly before the end of the year, the doctors advised the couple to advance the wedding date, initially scheduled for December 30th.

They were married on December 22 at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, surrounded by family and friends. Lying in a hospital bed, Heather Mosher wore a wig and a wedding dress.

“She was dying, we were all there for those last moments,” one of the bride’s bridesmaids told ABC News. “She held out for the wedding … a wedding with the man of her dreams.”

Heather Mosher was buried on December 30th, the day the couple originally planned to get married.

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