Ontario will ban eyeball tattooing And implanting eye jewelry

The Ontario government will ban tattooing of eyeballs and jewelery in the eyes at the urging of health professionals.

The Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne has amended a bill already before the Legislative Assembly to add the prohibition of these procedures deemed risky by ophthalmologists, unless they are performed by a professional of the profession. accredited health.

Specialists had recently asked legislators in a parliamentary committee to ban these practices which are gaining popularity. They believe that these procedures are very difficult to practice safely.

Tattooing the eyeball involves injecting ink into the whites of the eyes. Some are also implant surgically a tiny jewel in the eyeball, under the conjunctiva.

The eye tattoo made headlines in September when a 24-year-old Ottawa model admitted to suffering serious complications in her right eye since her eyeball was dyed purple.

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