wolf seen in Montreal

A video shot by a motorist Wednesday night in Montreal’s Saint-Michel neighborhood shows an animal that looks like a wolf.

The animal was seen at the corner of boulevard Saint-Michel and rue Champdoré.

The presence of wolfs in the city is becoming more common in North America, especially in Montreal.

The animal is said to have taken up residence around the former Miron quarry. It moves around highways and power lineNot a threat, according to the City.

Several people have seen coyotes in recent years. Some even claim to have been attacked or bitten.

On its website, the City states that these cases are rare and mainly concern coyotes fed by humans. Nevertheless, last summer, a dozen reports were made and two coyotes were shot, one by a police officer, the other by a wildlife officer. The City has also decided to hire a trapper.

The City advises not to approach the coyotes and not to feed them. She recommends going back by keeping eye contact with the animal when you see it, so that you have room to go.s, according to the City of Montreal.

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