Two sisters found dead on Christmas Day near Victoria

The two children found dead in a home near Victoria, British Columbia, on Christmas day were two young sisters, confirmed a family close to the family on Wednesday.

The young victims are six-year-old Chloe Berry and four-year-old Aubrey Berry.

According to the authorities, police were dispatched to the Oak Bay home on Monday night following an emergency call. They then discovered the bodies of the two children.

Trisha Lees, a friend and spokesperson for the family, said on Wednesday that being around the two girls was a pleasure, that they smiled and laughed all the time, and enjoyed having fun.

Ms. Lees added that Chloe and Aubrey, who were first year and kindergarten respectively, often went to a beach near the house where they lived with their mother, Sarah Cotton, and that the trio loved walking around the Gulf Islands.

She said she did not leave Ms. Cotton, whom she described as being completely devoted to her daughters since the tragedy.

Sarah Cotton shared Chloe and Aubrey’s care with her ex-husband, Andrew Berry, Trisha Lees said.

According to Ms. Lees, the couple had been separated since 2013.

She said Ms. Cotton phoned the police on December 25 because the girl’s father had not brought them back as agreed.

The authorities claimed that an injured man, whose health condition was not specified, was found in the residence and taken to the hospital.

On Wednesday, the Major Crimes Unit on Vancouver Island confirmed that the man was still in hospital and not detained.

Earlier, the unit announced that it had been called in to lend a hand to the Oak Bay police on a double homicide.

Deborah Marshall, a spokeswoman for BC Ferries, confirmed the intelligence first reported by the Victoria Times Colonist that Sarah Cotton and Andrew Berry had met while working for the company. She said that Ms. Cotton had left the company five years ago and that Mr. Berry had resigned last spring.

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