Too cold outside, even for penguins in Calgary Zoo

The freezing temperatures in Alberta have forced even the most winter creatures into warm weather. The Calgary Zoo moved most of its penguins indoors when the mercury dropped below 25 degrees Celsius.

Zoo curator Malu Celli says the animals would probably be able to withstand such temperatures with their black and white down, designed to withstand the cold, but with the little penguins growing up, the zoo preferred not to take a risk .

King penguins are accustomed to cold temperatures, but they usually live in more moderate climates than their cousins ​​who are in Antarctic, emperor penguins.

According to Malu Celli, king penguins spend their winters outside, but each year the freezing cold forces the zoo’s employees to bring them indoors temporarily.

Zoo keepers made adjustments for several species because of the cold weather, Malu Celli said.

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