Three injured in the explosion of a house in Mirabel

An explosion blew up a house in a residential area of ​​Mirabel, in the Laurentians, very early Friday morning, causing three injuries.

The Mirabel Police Service received a call around 4:15 am Friday. Neighbors of the house on Saint-Michel Street, in the Saint-Janvier neighborhood, heard an explosion.

Two young men in their twenties were seriously injured.

They were rushed to the Burn Unit in Montreal.

A woman also sustained injuries and was taken to hospital.

The explosion set off a fire, which spread to two other adjacent residences.

“We heard a” boom “, says a neighborhood resident, Isabelle Pilon. “We thought it was a snow removal truck that had just dropped its shovel. Then another [“boom”] afterwards, so we got up. We saw someone naked in the street running. ”

Ms. Pilon, who is a nurse, came out of her house to offer help.

“There were three young people in their twenties. Two who were badly burned, then maybe [burned on] 10{ed1200bddbc03902e1fcc2a87da27944790d59ab127710d2b088ca8caae8436e} of his body. I brought them home while waiting for help. ”

They were pretty shocked, young people. They did not really speak. They walked up and down in my driveway. They were conscious, they were awake, but nothing more.

Isabelle Pilon, neighbor
Ms. Pilon indicates that the explosion occurred in a “quiet little street” where “nothing ever happens”.

“It was several” boom, boom “, says Sophie Desmarais, who also witnessed the tremor in St. Michel Street.

“We saw three young people who were on fire who came out […] I was scared,” she told reporters.

“I thought it was someone who hit a car with a stick,” says Julio Tavares, who also witnessed the blast. But it was the cry of death that followed [which made me say] that it was not normal. ”

The police are not able to determine the cause of the explosion for the time being nor the extent of the damage it has created.

The investigation was entrusted to the Sûreté du Québec.

“At the investigation level, everything is to be checked,” said spokesman Mirabel Police Department, Pierre Morel.

“We’re picking up clues,” he continues. The Sûreté du Québec, at the level of the Forensic Identification Service, was asked for its expertise in fires and explosives to understand what happened here. ”

According to Mr. Morel, the residents of this house are not known to the police.

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