Passenger Saves Northland Bus On Highway 401

A passenger on a Ontario Northland bus stopped the vehicle at the edge of the 401 after her driver felt uncomfortable. The bus was carrying 47 passengers traveling from Sudbury to Toronto.

The driver of an Ontario Northland bus passed out at the wheel, a woman who said she was a passenger on the bus told CP24

“He slowed the bus down for the traffic and then unfortunately, he passed out for a couple of seconds,” the woman said. “He was slumped over on the side.”

According to Ontario Provincial Police spokesman Robert Knight, the vehicle was traveling eastbound on Highway 401 near Keele Street when he lost consciousness.

A passenger who took control of the bus was able to safely stop at the side of the road.

“The motor coach operator was transported to hospital, where he’s receiving medical attention,” Baker said from North Bay, Ont. “There were no injuries to passengers and no damage sustained to the equipment.”

Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene. The driver was taken to the hospital, but he was again aware of the arrival of the emergency services. No passengers were injured.

A second driver from the company went to the scene, and the bus was able to resume its journey. Passengers went to their destination, the Bay Street Station, located in downtown Montreal.

Ontario Northland says an investigation is underway. She thanked the passengers for their cooperation.

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