Four Hydro One Employees Killed in Helicopter Crash

Four Hydro One employees were killed on Thursday in a helicopter crash in eastern Ontario, police and the utility confirmed.

The crash occurred around noon in Tweed, north of Kingston, the provincial police said.

Resident Kim Clayton explained that Hydro crews had been working on her property for weeks and that she was used to hearing them fly over the site. The sound of the crash made her house vibrate and she rushed to the window, where she says she saw part of the helicopter in the trees in the distance.

The 45-year-old said she feared the worst when she saw ambulances leave without transporting workers.

Tweed’s fire department confirmed that they had visited the scene of the accident. The Ontario Air Ambulance Service also visited the site but did not transport patients.

The helicopter crash occurred around noon in Tweed, eastern Ontario. PHOTO LARS HAGBERG, PC
The helicopter crash occurred around noon in Tweed, eastern Ontario.

In a statement, Hydro One expressed its condolences.

“We are deeply saddened to confirm that an incident involving one of our helicopters occurred in the Tweed area and resulted in the death of four people,” the electricity supplier said in a statement.

“The names of the victims will not be revealed because their relatives have not been notified.”

Hydro One said it wanted to do everything possible to help employees and families affected by the tragedy.

A spokesman for the Transportation Safety Board said a team of investigators was en route to the scene of the accident and should be there by the end of the afternoon. Alex Fournier said the helicopter was a 1999 AS350 B2, a single-engine aircraft often used by companies.

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