Father Charged With Murder In Death Of Oak Bay Sisters

Two charges of murder were laid against Andrew Robert Douglas Berry, 43, over the tragic deaths of his two daughters, Audrey and Chloe, on December 25 in Oak Bay, near Victoria.

Andrew Berry faces two counts of second degree murder following the death of his four- and six-year-old girls.

A family friend indicated that the children’s mother warned the police that her former common-law partner had not brought back the girls as he was supposed to do.

The police claimed that an injured man, whose state of health had not been disclosed, had been found inside the house and taken to the hospital.

The deaths of the two girls has impacted the Vancouver Island community. Hundreds attended a candlelight vigil in their memory over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Major Crimes Unit on Vancouver Island is continuing its investigation to try to understand the circumstances of this tragedy.

Details to come

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