Canadian Billionaire and His Wife Strangled

Toronto police announced Sunday that Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman, founder of the Apotex pharmaceutical group, and his wife Honey had died by strangulation, without clarifying the mystery surrounding these “suspicious deaths.”

The medical examiner, after the autopsies, concluded that the deaths of both victims had been caused by “strangulation in the neck,” said the police.

In a terse statement, the police in Canada’s largest city simply stated that “the homicide service of the Toronto police is responsible for the investigation of  the suspicious deaths.”

No hypothesis is therefore dismissed by the investigators on the death of this couple of septuagenarians philanthropists, whose memory was greeted by the highest political leaders, the organizations generally recipients of their donations or the Apotex laboratory.

Following a call at 11:44 am Friday from the victims’ home in an affluent area of ​​Toronto, the police discovered on the spot the bodies identified as “Barry Sherman, 75, and Honey Sherman, 70 “.

According to local media reports, it was the real estate agent who had been in charge of the sale of nearly seven million Canadian dollars for the Sherman’s house for a month and who gave the alert by discovering the couple, hanged on a balustrade at the edge. the indoor pool.

No break-ins were found in this house, a newspaper source told a police source. According to her, after killing his wife and hanging the body, Barry Sherman would have hanged himself at his side.

This scenario seemed privileged Friday by the police who had then indicated to look for “no suspect”.

Anger of the family

But the thesis of murder followed by suicide was blasted Saturday by the Sherman children: “we are shocked” by “a theory that neither their family, their friends, nor their colleagues believe”.

Lamenting the unsupported rumors, the descendants called on the police for a “thorough” investigation to shed light on “these tragic deaths.”

“Our parents shared an enthusiasm for life and a commitment to their family and community totally incompatible” with the rumors about “the circumstances surrounding their deaths,” according to the release of the children.

A description that fits poorly with a premeditated gesture or the acting out of a depressed individual, especially since, according to local media, the couple had given a few days ago meeting friends in Florida to the end of year celebrations.

Barry Sherman created Apotex, a generic drug company, in 1974, and was still chairman of the board. This company employs more than 11,000 people worldwide, more than half of whom work in more than 20 locations across Canada.

“With deep sadness,” Apotex management salutes the memory of its founder and his wife who, through their foundation, donated more than 50 million Canadian dollars (33 million euros) in the last ten years “.

These donations were largely intended for universities and the training of scientists. Toronto York University President Rhonda Lenton praised the memory of Honey Sherman, a long-time York board member, and her husband.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “saddened” by the Sherman’s death, paid tribute to “their vision and their spirit”.

According to Forbes magazine, Barry Sherman was among the 20 richest people in Canada, with a fortune valued at $ 4.7 billion Canadian.

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