New Brunswickers benefit from post-Christmas sales

Shoppers at Best Buy in Moncton lined up early Wednesday morning to enjoy the after-Christmas sales.

The Best Buy opened its doors at 6 am Wednesday morning and already customers were waiting for the opening.

Kevin Godebout claims to be one of the first to benefit from the discounts. He had been waiting for about 5 hours. What does he hope to find? A phone and maybe video games.

“I’m going to save enough money, but I’m going to spend it too,” he admits.

This customer points out that he benefits from the Christmas sales every year.

“Often, I come to see, sometimes I target certain items, other times I just see what is special,” he says.

It’s an event or a little adventure in everyday life. It’s nothing major, but it’s interesting to do.

Kevin Godebout, customer

He prefers the post-Christmas sales to be held on December 27 rather than December 26, as is the case in Quebec in particular.

“For me, it’s better. I have lived in Ontario for a number of years and they are on the 26th. The workers need to get ready on the 25th for December 26th. I prefer it like that here. ”

Great Deals?

The manager of the Best Buy points out that the biggest discounts in the After-Christmas sales are mostly on computers and televisions. He expects about a thousand customers to walk through the store’s doors.

“It’s the biggest day of the year,” says the manager.

On the Champlain Place side in Dieppe, businesses opened at 8 am Wednesday morning.

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