Bone Marrow Donor Found For Ontario Infant With Rare Disease

A compatible bone marrow donor was found for a Windsor infant with a rare genetic disease.

The parents of Madalayna Ducharme call it a miracle. The doctors told them they had found a matching donor for their daughter.

The six-month-old baby was born with infantile osteopetrosis, a disease that can cause recurrent infections, as well as hearing and vision problems. It can be fatal.

Madalayna’s mother, Tamara Ducharme, shared a message on Facebook on Tuesday morning stating that a donor had been found.

Nearly 1,300 residents of Windsor have been mobilized and tested. According to her, people from across the country have also tried to help them.

“I think our story has affected more than 1500 people,” says Ducharme.

Madalyana has a rare genetic disease. Photo: Miracle for Madalyana / Facebook
Madalyana has a rare genetic disease. Photo: Miracle for Madalyana / Facebook

Still a long way to go

If the family feels transported with joy, they are aware that there are still many obstacles to overcome.

We are very enthusiastic, but as parents, we are worried. The doctors have told us that this is a major transplant.

Tamara Ducharme, mother of Madalayna

Madalayna, described by her mother as a “warrior princess,” has already undergone two surgeries. It will also be difficult to see the little girl being more and more sick during the grafting process.

The family will hold a fundraising event at the Parkwood Gospel Hall on  April 1 to raise funds to cover their travel expenses.

Nicole Ramage, a close friend of the family, said the Ducharme will have to spend at least three months in Toronto when Madalayna receives treatment. The family has already traveled to London more than fifteen times for care.

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